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Here at The Logan, we are deeply committed to environmental practices. And we started from the ground up. We tried to build by LEED Certified Standards.


What is LEED?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), and recognized internationally, to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design.



Plant Rescue - Most construction starts with the clearing of the lot. However, a Plant Rescue was suggested instead. They spent days digging out and saving plants and trees, that they then handed out to the community and replanted elsewhere. Zero loss of plant life.


Eco Bloque  We were fortunate to be the first project in Costa Rica to use this new incredible product. It is 10 times stronger than regular concrete. It has a temperature mass density that keeps it considerably cooler in temperature than concrete. It was made virtually on site using local materials and labour giving it almost a zero carbon footprint.


Biodigester - Most hotels or residences send your black water (toilets etc) straight into a septic tank and leech field. We decided to go the extra mile and put the waste through a BioDigester first. This BioDigester eats away at the waste and filters the hazardous materials so that when it gets to a septic tank, it is considerably less harmful to the environment. And it does it all naturally.


Salt Water Pool - Earth friendly. All natural.


Energy Star Appliances


Dual Flush Toilets - You don’t need a full tank of water to flush most trips down.


Window Shades - Block the direct sunlight from beaming into your windows and heating up the rooms, keeping it cooler inside.


Cross Ventilation - Having a breeze flowing through the apartments means you stay cooler.  We have ceiling fans to stimulate extra breeze if needed.


Tinted Glass - Once again, a slight tint to the large amount of glass that we have will help  to keep it cooler inside.


Insulated Ceilings - Along with poured concrete floors, makes it easier to keep cool air in, and not having the heat coming down from a metal roof goes a long way.


Daylight Timers - It’s always best to only have the lights on when you need them.


Wood from a Sustainable Farm - All wood used in this project came from a sustainable farm; every tree we used, the farm planted many more.


Recycled Scrap Materials - All scrap materials that are normally thrown into the trash, get recycled


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